Chocolate Cake Pops

Yesterday I tried out Chocolate Cake Pops, as found in this recipe.

I stuck to the recipe as much as possible, but I cut a little sugar from the cake, added some rum, used a different type of melted chocolate to dip the pops into and I used coconut flakes instead of sprinkles.

Due to this (and the fact, that I got bored after rolling the first two balls – after all, there was enough dough to make over 50 of these babies), mine were not quite as handsome and photogenic as the ones on the site above.

Still they tasted very chocolaty and I guess also delicious, if you are a fan of high calorie treats. I think I used more sugar, fat and chocolate in this one recipe than I usually use in 6 months. Those pops are so heavy, they seem to have their own gravity field.

As a result, my stomach feels like it’s been trying to digest a black hole, so it’s definitely one of those things to try out once in a lifetime only.