Pineapple Semolina Cake

Something simple, quick and rather low-calorie this time: a semolina cake with pineapple topping.

Pineapple Semolina Cake


  • grease a 16-cm springform pan with margarine
  • preheat oven to 180°C/350°F



  • 90g semolina
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • some stevia or other sweetener of your choice
  • 100g applesauce
  • 100g pineapple juice
  • some margarine for greasing the springform pan

fruit layer

  • 180g pineapple (cut to pieces)
  • 200g pineapple juice
  • 10g pectin
  • 1/2 teaspoon citric acid


  • in a bowl mix semolina, baking soda and sweetener
  • stir in applesauce and pineapple juice
  • let semolina soak for about 10 minutes – meanwhile preheat the oven
  • pour dough into greased springform pan, shake a little until surface is evenPineapple Semolina Cake
    …before baking…
  • bake for 15-20 minutes, do toothpick test to make sure cake is donePineapple Semolina Cake
    …after baking…
  • take cake out of oven and let cool off inside the springform
  • when cake has cooled off,cover its top with pineappple pieces (while it is still inside the spingform)Pineapple Semolina Cake
    …with pineapple pieces on top…
  • mix 200g pineapple juice with pectine and citric acid
  • boil up in a pot and let cook for a minute or two while stirring constantly
  • let cool off briefly, but don’t let it get firm
  • pour soon-to-be pineapple jelly right into the springform, so that it covers all of the pineapple piecesPineapple Semolina Cake
    …covered with pineapple jelly…
  • let cool off again for a little, then put in the fridge for another hour until the jelly gets really firm
  • once the jelly is firm you can remove the springform – if the jelly sticks to the springform, just move a toothstick along the edge to loosen itPineapple Semolina Cake
    … and finally ready to eat!

This cake is really simple to bake, it doesn’t take much time or effort and it tastes really great. Also, there’s no sugar in it, so the whole cake has only ca. 700 kcals.


Heaven’s Dish

Okay, so here’s the fruity, fluffy semolina cream that caused the premature end of my as-good-as-new ceramic glass cooktop.

I got to know this recipe about 10 years ago, when a girl from Germany who I met on an online game told me about it, and it turned out to be an easy, not too unhealthy and extremely filling dessert.


  • 500ml black currant, strawberry or cherry juice
  • 65g semolina
  • optionally sugar or artificial sweetener to taste


  • bring fruit juice to boil

  • add semolina, stir
  • let semolina simmer for 5 minutes or so, til its soft and soaked

  • pour the semolina mash in a large bowl

  • mix on highest level for al least 10 minutes

Through the mixing the mash will become all fluffy, soft and creamy, its colour will become lighter and its volume will increase.

You can eat it right away, when it’s still warm or wait til it has cooled off.

Especially the variant with strawberry juice will go very well with chocolate cream.

(I know, the picture could have been better, but at the time this photo was made, I was  busy removing shards.)