Update on stuff…

Has it really been over a month…?

Well, a lot of things have happend during the last 5 weeks.

First of all: the new fridge arrived – I can hardly express how much I appreciate the possibility to cool and freeze things. You just don’t know what you have ’til you loose it.

Second: my new (second hand) ceramic glass top arrived as well. And I am very proud of myself for having it gotten for 5,50€ instead of 180€ – hey, I just refuse to pay more for a replacement part than the real thing cost me.

Third: I spent a very stressful pre-Christmas-week with lots of shopping in overfilled malls and a terrible pain-ridden time from 20th to 30th of December. Some unbearable pain in my left jaw, that kept moving back and forth from the buckteeth to the wisdom teeth, one time in the upper, one time in the lower jaw, and which didn’t respond to any painkillers left me sleepless for almost a week and made me, for the first time in my life, seek out an emergency dentist service on the 25th and three different ambulatories in the following days. All they could tell me though was, that it was not a tooth that caused the pain.
I swallowed so many (completely useless) pills, I am sure I’m peeing toxic waste by now.
But whatever it may have been, it disappeared miraculously and by today I am nearly pain-free. So I was finally able to do some desperately inevitable household chores and return to some of my normal routines, like doing a few minutes of workout in the morning or having some muesli for breakfast.
And I learned to appreciate the wonderful condition of not suffering maddening pain.

Forth: I recovered just in time to feel well enough to prepare (and eat) our traditional silvester meal (I prefer to call it silvester, not new year’s eve, as it’s something I link to the old year much more than to the new one). I am not much a fan of traditions – I think it’s stupid, to do something, just because somebody else has done it before, wether it makes sense or not. The silvester meal, however, does make sense: it’s delicious, though quite decadent, and it’s also a lot of work – worth the effort though on a special day. To pig out once a year is acceptable I think, and when would be a better time  than on the last chance you get this year?
So what is this silvester meal? It is a wonderful, creamy, spicy tofu fondue baked in a loaf of bread.I LOVE it!

Here are some images from the last years.