Marzipan-Almond-Slivers Ice Cream

About two weeks ago I bought an ice cream maker.

It was a difficult decision, I have only a small freezing compartment in my fridge, and the freezing section of the ice cream maker takes about half of the room. Also ice cream isn’t exactly a healthy type of food.

On the other hand, the range of vegan types of ice cream are very limited: a couple of fruit ice creams and vanilla – and I like neither. Before I became vegan I only used to eat brown ice creams: chocolate, coffee, hazelnut, nougat. And by making ice cream myself I can determine wether to use healthy or unhealthy ingredients.

But it was mainly the expectation of some chocolate ice cream that finally tipped the scale ๐Ÿ™‚

During the last two weeks I have tried to make several types of ice cream and I did have quite some failures, most of them being my fault: I was too impatient and didn’t keep the freezing section in the freezing compartment long enough. However, slowly I’m getting the hang of it. One of the most successful results so far was a very delicious marzipan-almond-slivers ice cream.


  • 500ml soy milk
  • 100g marzipan
  • 30g almond slivers
  • 15g potato starch

How it’s done:

  • pour 400ml soy milk in a pot and heat slowly
  • if you want to have marzipan chunks in your ice cream, take 1/3 -1/4 of the marzipan and put it in the fridge
  • dissolve the rest of the marzipan in the warm soy milk
  • when marzipan has completely dissolved, mix potato starch with the rest of the soy milk
  • pour potato starch-soy milk-mixture into the pot and boil up
  • let boil for a couple of minutes while stirring constantly
  • let the mixture cool off completely, then put in the fridge for a couple of hours
  • in the meantime you can cut the rest of the marzipan into small chunks
  • when the ice cream mixture has been in the fridge long enough (for my ice cream maker this takes 4 hours), take it out and stir in the almond slivers and the marzipan chunks
  • put the mixture in your ice cream maker and wait for the miracle

marzipan almond slivers ice creamI am sorry I don’t have a better picture, but I was busy eating this really amazing ice cream ๐Ÿ™‚

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